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We specialise in addressing compliance challenges, enabling rapid and responsible technological advancement within complex regulatory environments that benefit all. Our focus is on projects related to digital competition and artificial intelligence.

Our advice is grounded in evidence and pragmatism, supported by constructive dialogues with authorities and third parties, and informed by cutting-edge research and regulatory sandboxes.


We propose policy analysis on competition and related regulations in Europe and the United Kingdom. We provide comprehensive insights into their foundations and implications, especially the EU Digital Markets Act and the forthcoming UK Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill.


We act as a trusted intermediary by providing the expertise for a participative approach to compliance. We are dedicated to fostering productive engagements with authorities and third parties.


We provide strategies about novel and future regulatory issues, especially in artificial intelligence.


We monitor emerging issues and regulatory developments in the tech sector.


We offer tailor-made courses to legal, policy and compliance teams on competition and regulatory matters through interactive and practical training. We equip teams with the expertise necessary to address complex compliance issues, digital regulations, and emerging developments in the tech sector. We also propose seminars to universities that bridge the gap between theory and real-world practice.


We organise and participate in conferences and workshops, providing thoughtful knowledge to a broad audience.

Facing a challenge? Let's team up to tackle it together.

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