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Policy Hubs

We provide hubs to advance research on emerging and global digital and competition issues. These include the DMA, Generative AI and competition, digital competition coherence, and digital innovation. We achieve them through expert-driven and constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders. We invite private and public organisations to join our efforts in advancing research in these critical areas by becoming members of our hubs.

Members contribute to the research agenda, share their input on studies, engage frequently with researchers to gain valuable insights, and participate in workshops and forums with relevant stakeholders and competent authorities.

Our membership is accessible to firms, competent authorities and international organisations. Members can access all our hubs against an annual fixed membership fee.

Contact us to become a member.


The DMA Dialogue Hub is dedicated to fostering a participatory approach, ensuring compliance solutions that benefit everyone.


The GenAI and Competition Hub strives for responsible generative AI (GenAI) development, ensuring favourable market conditions that benefit all.


The Digital Competition Coherence Hub aims for global coherence in digital competition rules for effective and cost-efficient regulation.


The Digital Innovation Hub aims to support digital innovators, ensuring rapid and responsible technological development that benefits all.

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