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Digital Innovation Hub

The Digital Innovation Hub aims to support digital innovators, ensuring rapid and responsible technological development that benefits all.  We leverage expertise and dialogue with competent regulators while maintaining our commitment to full transparency and impartial advice. Our Hub helps innovators understand how their AI and digital-related business practices interact with European current and future regulatory regimes, such as competition and privacy. We also support innovators working with regulators in the context of regulatory sandboxes, when feasible, to test their innovative products and services before bringing them to market. Finally, we contribute to the discussion in designing digital policies that foster digital innovations, especially in the context of the 2024 European elections.

To advance this Hub, we will launch the Digital Innovation Series, providing research to support digital innovators with regulators. To advance this Hub, we provide research and invite stakeholders to contribute with relevant input. We also offer consultations, training sessions, and conferences on the forthcoming European AI Act and EU AI Pact.


Contact us to join the Hub as a member and/or for consultation/press inquiries.

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