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GenAI and Competition Hub

The GenAI and Competition Hub strives for responsible generative AI (GenAI) development, ensuring favourable market conditions that benefit all. We leverage expertise and dialogue with stakeholders and competition authorities while maintaining our commitment to open access, full transparency, and impartial advice. Our Hub helps stakeholders and decisionmakers navigate complex and rapid GenAI market and regulatory development. We also nurture the discussion in designing competition policies that deliver favourable market conditions in the context of intense monitoring of GenAI by competition authorities worldwide and the forthcoming 2024 G7 Italian presidency.

To advance this Hub, we provide research and market studies and invite stakeholders to contribute with relevant input. We also offer consultations, training sessions, and conferences on GenAI and competition.


Contact us to join the Hub as a member and/or for consultation/press inquiries.


We provide research on generative AI and competition.

Market Studies

We collect publicly available market studies on generative AI and competition from competition authorities.

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