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We partner with tech firms to seize opportunities and risks stemming from regulations, inquiries, and market developments. We also collaborate with law firms on legal and policy issues, arising from inquiries and allegations of non-compliance, such as DMA. Finally, we conduct research with organisations to navigate emerging market dynamics, such as Generative AI.

We add value to your project through impartial, high-quality research and strategic solutions in data, AI, and competition in relation to EU and UK laws and policies. We engage with stakeholders and predict and make recommendations on complex and novel policy developments.

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We work with founders, investors, in-house counsels, and public policy teams to harness key business opportunities and risks, as well as policy issues arising from regulations, inquiries, and market developments.

We add value by

Identifying and solving novel and complex cross-regulatory issues on data, AI, and competition, such as the EU DMA, the UK DMCC bill, and GenAI.


Creating data and AI strategies by leveraging existing digital regulations.


Predicting policy around new market developments to provide solutions before any regulatory intervention.


Engaging constructively with relevant stakeholders to deliver rapid and efficient solutions.

Providing impartial research to market inquiries, merger reviews, and antitrust investigations on data, AI, and competition.


 We work with attorneys to identify and address key conduct, legal, economic, and policy issues arising from inquiries and allegations of non-compliance.

We add value by

Identifying the merit of each case and determining the type of research and analysis needed for DMA, DMCC, antitrust, merger and data-related cases.

Providing impartial research on data, AI, and competition to support the case.

Intervening as an independent expert before courts.


We conduct impartial research, including forward-looking analyses and market studies, to assist firms, competition authorities, and international organisations in navigating and harnessing emerging, complex market and regulatory developments.

We add value by

Providing high-quality, evidence-based research on AI, data, and competition.

Setting out the academic foundation and data for future works.

Informing policymakers and relevant authorities with key actionable policy recommendations. 

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