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DMA Dialogue Hub

The DMA Dialogue Hub is dedicated to fostering a participatory approach, ensuring compliance solutions that benefit all. We leverage expertise and constructive dialogue with gatekeepers, third parties and the Commission while maintaining our commitment to open access, full transparency, and impartial advice. Our independent platform guides stakeholders in defining and developing effective compliance plans, provides insightful conversations with key actors, and helps navigate policy challenges with other European cross-sectorial laws and non-European digital competition laws.

To advance this dialogue, we will soon launch our DMA Dialogue Series, exploring potential compliance solutions and seeking consensus with stakeholders on the best approaches. We also invite stakeholders to share publicly available research and relevant documentation on compliance solutions.


Proposed solutions

We collect publicly available research and relevant documentation on proposed compliance solutions.

Examining the design of choice screens in the Context of the Digital Markets Act

19 October 2023


6(3) choice screen

Can browser choice screens be effective?

1 October 2023


6(3) choice screen

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