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DMA Dialogue Hub

The DMA Dialogue Hub is dedicated to a participatory approach of the DMA, ensuring compliance solutions that benefit everyone. We act as an expert-driven, trusted intermediary, fostering constructive dialogue between stakeholders and the Commission. Our annual membership fee from various stakeholders safeguards impartiality. Finally, we help navigate policy challenges, including with other European and non-European digital competition laws.

To enhance this dialogue, we are launching the DMA Dialogue Series, delving into compliance solutions and seeking consensus with stakeholders. We encourage them to share publicly available research and relevant documentation on compliance solutions. We also offer consultations, training sessions, and conferences on DMA.


Contact us to join the Hub as a member and/or for consultation/press inquiries.

DMA Dialogue Series

We delve into compliance solutions and seek consensus with stakeholders.

Proposed solutions

Proposed solutions

We collect publicly available research and relevant documentation on proposed compliance solutions.

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Proposed solutions

Compliance reports

We collect publicly available compliance reports. We assess them for our members in the context of the hub or clients in the context of consultations.

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