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We operate across four main policy hubs to advance research on emerging and global digital and competition issues related to the Digital Markets Act, Generative AI, digital competition coherence, and digital innovation. We invite private and public organisations to join our efforts in advancing research in these critical areas by becoming members of our hubs.


Additionally, we provide consultations, training sessions, and conferences to tech firms, venture capitalists, law firms, economic consulting firms, competition authorities, governments, and international organisations seeking expert guidance in navigating complex market and regulatory developments.

We add value to your project through impartial, high-quality research and strategic solutions in data, AI, and competition. We engage with stakeholders, offer insights, and make policy recommendations on complex and novel policy developments.

Contact us to become a member and/or for consultation/press inquiries.


We offer hubs for research on global digital and competition issues. Through expert-driven dialogue, we engage with stakeholders to advance understanding and solutions on DMA, Generative AI and competition, digital competition coherence, and digital innovation.

We add value to your membership by providing forward-looking research on novel and complex policy issues relevant to your interests.


We partner with tech firms and venture capitalists to seize opportunities and risks stemming from regulations, inquiries, and market developments. We also collaborate with law firms on legal and policy issues, arising from inquiries and allegations of non-compliance. Finally, we conduct research with governments and organisations to navigate emerging market dynamics.

We add value to your project by identifying and solving complex and novel legal and policy challenges in data, AI, and competition.


We deliver tailored training to legal, economic, investor, and policy professionals on competition and regulatory issues, including on the  DMA and Generative AI. We also offer seminars to universities that bridge theory and practice.

We add value to your team by training your it with the latest market and policy developments needed to solve your challenges on data, AI, and competition.


We organise and join conferences and workshops, sharing insightful expertise with diverse audiences on DMA, international coherence, generative AI, and digital innovation topics.

We add value to your conference by providing key insights into novel issues.

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