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Serious Articles

A bit of serious self-preferencing articles from Bruegel

10 March 2023

Search to answer engine shift challenges dynamic competition

Microsoft and Google’s move towards answer engines requires competition authorities to preserve dynamic competition.

27 February 2023

A model for a participative approach to digital competition regulation

The participative approach aims to involve regulated firms, stakeholders and regulators in the design of compliance measures

18 November 2022

The big tech world is in crisis – and that might be a good thing

Big tech companies have been left exposed because they overestimated the growth of online activities during the pandemic

20 February 2023

The difficulty of designating gatekeepers under the EU Digital Markets Act

The European Commission should be more precise and transparent when designating gatekeepers under the European Union’s Digital Markets Act

6 February 2023

How best to ensure international digital competition cooperation

International cooperation on digital markets must ensure competition cases and laws around the world are consistent

9 December 2022

Which mergers should the European Commission review under the Digital Markets Act?

This paper assesses which firms are likely to be gatekeepers under the Digital Markets Act

2 December 2022

How to implement the self-preferencing ban in the European Union’s Digital Markets Act

The European Union Digital Markets Act (DMA) bans large online platforms under its scope from treating their own products more favourably than rivals

10 November 2022

With a little help from some friends: coordinating Digital Markets Act enforcement

Digital Markets Act enforcement will be much more effective if EU member national authorities are involved

4 October 2022

How the European Union can best apply the Digital Markets Act

The European Union’s new Digital Markets Act will enable the European Commission to get ahead of potential anti-competitive behaviour

13 June 2022

A practical arrangement for cooperation between digital economy regulators

A practical arrangement based on case information, case allocation and case resolution would ensure consistency and effective enforcement

11 May 2022

Insights for successful enforcement of Europe’s Digital Markets Act

The European Commission will enforce digital competition rules against big tech; internally, it should ensure a dedicated process and teams

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