Digital Competition Café: Digital Competition and Digital Regulation in the World

Dear Readers,

Before the summer break, I will present my academic paper “Digital Competition and Regulation in the World: A primer”. As you know, decisionmakers in Europe, the UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, China, and recently the US consider ex-ante regulations and ex-post competition laws to tackle digital competition issues. From a law and economics standpoint, the paper explains rather than compares the legislations and puts forward some improvements. Section II analyzes the legislations. It examines the instruments, goals, scope, and content. Section III proposes some improvements of the legislations to minimize error costs at no or low costs for undertakings with substantial benefits for end-users and businesses. It suggests ensuring convergence of legal regime and enforcement, effective consumer choice, and indirect entry.

(source: Christophe Carugati)

I will also discuss the latest US proposal, which is not yet included in the first version of the paper.

Join us on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, from 7 pm to 8 pm CET time to freely exchange about digital competition.

The Café will take place via Skype at the following link.

I hope to see you. Otherwise, I wish you a pleasant summer break.

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