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No Time to Act


9 Dec 2022

The movie opens with a shot of Margrethe Vestager, dressed in a sleek black suit and tie, walking confidently down the bustling streets of Brussels. As she moves, we hear the iconic James Bond theme playing in the background.

Vestager arrives at a luxurious high-rise building in Brussels, where the headquarters of the powerful tech company is located. She enters the building, blending in with the other employees and making her way to the CEO's office.

Meanwhile, the tech CEO is holding a meeting with his top executives, discussing their plans to continue using illegal self-preferencing practices to crush their competitors. They boast about their dominance in the market and their ability to manipulate the system to their advantage.

As the meeting continues, Vestager sneaks into the CEO's office and begins searching for evidence of the tech company's illegal activities. She hacks into their computer systems and begins downloading the necessary files.

Suddenly, the CEO and his executives notice the intrusion and realize that Vestager is in their midst. They quickly call for security and send a team of armed guards to capture her.

Vestager, using her quick reflexes and martial arts training, fights off the guards and makes her way to the roof of the building. She narrowly escapes capture and uses a handheld device to remotely destroy the tech company's servers, effectively shutting down their ability to continue their illegal self-preferencing practices.

As Vestager makes her way down from the roof, she encounters the CEO, who is armed and ready to take her down. However, instead of attacking her, the CEO tries to seduce Vestager, using his charm and good looks to try and distract her from her mission.

Despite the CEO's efforts, Vestager remains focused and determined. She uses her knowledge of antitrust laws and her expertise in digital technology to outmaneuver the CEO and his top executives.

In a thrilling and action-packed finale, Vestager engages in a hand-to-hand combat with the tech executives, using her skills and determination to overpower them and bring them to justice.

The fight takes place all over the building, with Vestager using her martial arts training and quick thinking to outmaneuver her opponents. She uses the environment to her advantage, using office furniture and equipment to take down the tech executives one by one.

In the end, Vestager emerges victorious and is hailed as a hero for her efforts in stopping the tech company and protecting fair competition in the digital marketplace. As the camera pans out, we hear the iconic James Bond theme playing once again, signaling the end of another successful mission.

Scenario written by ChatGPT inspired from a James Bond movie

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