One man, one concept, three values

I launched Digital Competition in 2020 after my Ph.D. in law and economics on Big Data and Competition Law.

The digital economy is the priority of most institutions around the world. Modernization of antitrust laws and regulations are on the table. The concept is simple. In a complex and fast-moving sector, I provide to firms and organizations up-to-date information and in-depth analysis of the challenges faced in the digital economy.

To ensure the best for clients, my work is based on three values: expertise, impartiality, and collaboration.



My research focuses on the adaptation of competition law to the data-driven economy and the regulation of platforms. 

I am working in English and French.


As an independent researcher, I have no preconceived ideas about a particular issue. My work is to analyze from a law and economics perspective. I am not biased by political interests.  


I strongly believe in collaboration. I see the client as part of the team to offer the best cost-benefit approach and tailored service. ​

My background in key dates 



European Master in Law and  Economics

Bologna University (Master di Livello)

Hamburg University (LL.M)

Vienna University (M.A)


Double Bachelor in Law and Economics

Toulouse School of Economics 



Master in Business Law​

Aix-Marseille University


Intern in Competition Law​




Intern in Competition Law​



Ph.D. in Law and Economics on Big Data and Competition Law

Paris II University